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The Town Line

Thinking about stopping by? Here’s what we’ll be pouring when you get here.

On Tap:


South Farm Select Medium

Jay Bird

Fresh Strawberry

Labor of Love (LOL)

Queen Ann

Cincinatti Kids

South Farm Select Sweet

Slushies: Regular Cider & Cherry Wine

in cans:

Smart Alec (fresh out - hoping to be back soon)!

Jay Bird


Big John

Alma Mater

Sandra Dee (fresh out - hoping to be back soon)!

Queen Ann

Sweet Elise

If you can’t make it to the tasting room, find our ciders/wines at the following locations:

Elk Rapids: Siren Hall, Pearls, Cellar 152 &

ER General Store

Traverse City: Holiday Shopper, Terrace Shopper, Kap’n Keg & Burritt’s

Also: Eastport Foods, Rapid City VM &

The Preserve MQT